Leslianne & Doug: Neither Rain, Nor Sleet

It was my last wedding of the season and I was ready for just about anything, except for ducks.

Although New England weather conspired against a beautiful outdoor ceremony, it was still a beautiful day inside as friends and family gathered to celebrate their love. The ducks quacked happily outside as people shared laughter, pie and a lot of good cheer in spite of the dreary weather.

Naturally there were a few last minute changes to the schedule after the rain started coming down and the temperature began to plunge toward freezing as the day marched on. Originally the wedding was planned for a beautiful lakeside bedecked with fall colors, but that was shoved to the side even with matching wedding umbrellas to protect the wedding party.

Where other brides may have fallen apart and bemoaned the ruin of their perfect day, Leslianne took it in stride and focused on having a great celebration. It may have helped that there was a table full of desserts, pies spread throughout the house and a full cooler on the back porch. Doug, her husband-to-be, lead guests back and forth to the wood shop where he and his brother practice their craft for tours and to etch their names into the guest board.

Then there were the ducks.

I wandered out of the house to change out a piece of equipment after a malfunction and they were flocking across the yard in a tightly knit pack. Their beaks shoveled through the mud and water.

I was of course intrigued but my zoom lens was inside, cozily tucking in my bag away from the wind and rain. Camera snoot perched above the 5D I demurely stepped into the puddles (and this is why I wear cheap sneakers rather than classy leather shoes) and started to follow the ducks around.

Soon after they noticed and one chased after me.

Later I decided that it would be best to go with the zoom lens.

It was a really great shoot and Leslianne and Doug were a really great couple to end my first wedding season with. Congratulations to them and I'm looking forward to more great weddings and more hair-raising wedding tales in 2010 (or November).