Ryan Richardson's Movie Ratings for 2009 (with help from Serenity):

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and that's not just because of the recent snow storm. So in light of the season I've decided to take a break from photo-blogging and talk about movies and Amy Adams just in case you need something to tide you over while you wait for the National Guard to dig you out from the impromptu igloo around your house.

The movies are rated from blech (don't bother) to meh (if you like this kind of movie it might be for you) to Oh Yeah! (which is that I enjoyed the film, but not necessarily to the degree that one would expect from the use of an exclamation point). The films are in the order of theatrical release because I was using Wikipedia to remind me which movies I'd seen.


Bride Wars Meh   

Taken Oh yeah!

Coraline Meh (Serenity says Oh Yeah!)
Push Oh Yeah*
*I say this because I kept getting it confused with the 2008 super powers movie Jumpers, Push was actually reasonably entertaining and it makes for good rental viewing.
Watchmen Oh Yeah

I have a giant crush on Amy Adams, this impacts my judgement.

If someone I knew died and Amy Adams were to ask me out to dinner, I would clearly go out with her rather than to the funeral because she is adorable. Naturally the dead person's ghost will understand, and will not haunt me.

This is in part because the dinner will go somewhat awkwardly and Amy Adams will say that she'll call me, but she won't and we both know it and I'll just stand there in the snow my frozen breath coming out in a tiny cloud as she walks away to her door. The sad walking away music from the Hulk will play conveniently from someone's very loud iPod headphones. The movie was still pretty good.

Duplicity Blech
I Love You, Man Oh Yeah!
Knowing Blech!
Star Trek Oh Yeah!

The Brothers Bloom Oh Yeah!

I know, it even had Amy Adams in it as a feisty Amelia Erhart. It's like they put me in a focus group and then took my suggestion and built a completely stupid movie around it.
Up Oh Yeah! (Serenity also says Oh Yeah)
The Hangover Oh Yeah!
Year One Meh*
*This stars Michael Cerra as cave man Michael Cerra, so you know what you're getting into.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Meh

Julie & Julia Oh Yeah!*
*See my above note about Amy Adams, also it has Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci who are both excellent.
The Informant! Oh Yeah!
A Very Monkey Christmas: Meh (Oh Yeah from Serenity)*
*Not a theatrical release, but I was forced to watch it 20 times regardless.
Avatar Meh*
*This movie has beautiful CGI and a weak plot. The latter half of the movie is an Oh Yeah! once things start blowing up. It's better than it's source material, Dances With Wolves.