Free Stuff... and by that I mean photography

Peeps are delicious, as are free services.Do you often find yourself looking at your Myspace-esque profile picture and having a good cry about how goofy it looks? Do you have to have some head shots (I'm not talking Counter Strike) but don't have any money? Then you might be in luck.

As an unemployed writer, photographer, astronaut and freelance dinosaur wrangler, Ryan Richardson is looking to build his portfolio and help out his friends (real or imaginary, mostly real) at the same time.

To that end I'm offering to do some light photography work to you wonderful people to insert into my portfolio because as cute as my niece is she's just one face.

So whether you want to send pictures to your grandmother or have something for your Web site, I'm sure something could be arranged.

Important Note: If it would involve a day trip to get out to you, I'm probably going to want lunch (just FYI). So I'm looking for people mainly in eastern MA and northern Rhode Island.