Engagement Shoot: Stephanie and Jon

Test shots using different post-processing filters.

I first heard from Stephanie a few months back, and honestly she was one of the first people to sign on to the idea that I was a wedding photographer, so I was incredibly excited to meet her and her husband to be (now that I have more experience under my belt than when we first met, and I'll have plenty more between now and her wedding next June).

They were a great couple with some fun ideas and were very willing to walk around Water Place Park in Providence in spite of all the heat.

Their story is a common one, she was a stunning woman and he was loud and obnoxious. They met in a bar in Bristol almost a year-and-a-half ago and as Josh descibed it he's been the house guest that never left. I do wish them the best of luck and I'm sure more of their pictures will show up with our regular update on Tuesday (once I process more than four).

Also on hand was my charming partner Sara Day, who had some trouble setting the focus points on her Nikon D80. Ostensibly she was there to learn how to pull of something like this and interact with clients, together we scouted out the scene but mostly she learned that you shouldn't forget important tools like 1) CF cards, 2) your flash and 3) comfortable shoes (though I had remembered the latter).

Clockwise from the top left the processing modes are (using Nik Colorefex): No filters, Nik silver efex (high contrast), Color Stylizer (set for khaki), and their Kodachrome copy.