Engagement and Disengagement

When I think about it, it's odd how many of my relationships are conducted largely by electronic means. Really how much any of us rely on so much technology to keep ourselves connected to one another, to people we care about or simply to people who provide occassional comic relief.

This photo illustration (it really is two photos brought together to make both subjects in focus) says a little bit about that phenomenon. How socially we're swaddled in this darkness, interrupted only by these little points of light connected only by the ether. I'm sure that there's something terribly profound to say about isolation and the Internet, but I'll leave that for the more poetic or philosophically minded.

Technically this was easy to execute. I was doing an engagement shoot for my friends Teresa and Larry and the laptops provided a good key light for a 5D (I'm sure there's more data but I really don't care for it). I tested a couple of versions with flash, but they didn't do anything for the theme.