Four Tips for Your Holiday Photos

  • More light isn't always better: Avoid photographing outdoors at noon because the bright light casts harsh shadows. If you must photograph outdoors in bright lights, using your flash might help eliminate those shadows.
  • The bright lights: While holiday lights really sparkle at night, you can get great shots of holiday decorations in the hour just before sundown when you can see the lights and the landscape they decorate.
  • Group Grief: When taking pictures of groups don't just stop at one. Try to get three or four pictures so you can pick out the one with the fewest blinks and best expressions.
  • Fall Foliage: Fall is a beautiful time of year in New England, and a great backdrop for your photos. The fall colors really come alive in your camera right after it rains when the leaves are still wet.
  • Of course, the most important tip is to just put down that camera and enjoy the holidays. Look for more tips for holiday buying, getting to know your new camera and more over the next few months.