Online Ordering: A Great Tool for Guests

When I try to sell prints, I am concentrating mostly on the bride and groom. After all, the way I shoot weddings it's all about the couple and the journey they are starting together on their wedding day. Of course there are a lot of other shots, especially during the reception when people are dancing and couples are standing around together wondering when it will be their turn to tie the knot (and some aren't so excited about the thought).

After the bride and groom, the parents are the next sales target. They've invested a lot in their children (and often a lot in the wedding), and they love to have something to show for it. Usually those sales are handled through the bride and the groom, representing both of their familes.

There are a few advantages to direct ordering, up to a month after the event I offer 10 percent off all purchases (which is especially great with a print credit). It also streamlines the process and makes it easier to ask for little alterations to the photos (brightening a smile or smoothing a few wrinkles). But say your Aunt Sally wants a photo of the couple, what is she to do?

That's where my new online proofing partner,, comes in. See my prints lets me upload an entire wedding and automate sales and ordering so I can concentrate on serving the bride and the groom.  Prints are handled quickly (and you can use your credit card) and shipped straight to your door.

The only drawback (apart from the personal touch) is the slight increase in price to compensate for handling and credit card fees, but the same early-bird window applies to these online orders. So if your family has been asking about how they can get copies of your wedding photos, you can send them to your wedding's gallery.