A Taste of 2011

2010 was a fantastic year for Ryan Richardson Photography, but 2011 will only get better.

This weekend, I held the first in a series of test shoots for a new product that we're very excited about offering in 2011. Don't let this artful image deceive you, it's going to be a little more risque and sometimes edgier but it will be a great compliment to our current offerings that a few brides have been asking about.

The young woman was a blast to work with, even if traffic cut our shoot short. She had a great attitude and was very relaxed and natural in front of the camera, I'm sure she's got a bright future. I met her through Model Mayhem (part of where I'm recruiting from for this project), where she goes by the name of Luna-Bella.

We shot in her home studio, which had this great shade of old mauve (a nice break from all the white backdrops you run into). Lighting came from an overhead fixture as well as a bounced flash, so it just goes to show what you can do with a little know-how and some creativity. It's a style I cultivated in my few years as a newspaper photographer where you can't carry a studio full of lights in your trunk and you never have time to fiddle and finesse a dozen strobes and reflectors to give you perfect mastery over the space.

There are plenty of other exciting announcements over the coming months, so stay tuned.