Aaron & Arpoo: A Winter Wedding

Over the past year I've been very lucky to be a part of several intimate ceremonies, expressing teh love and affection of not just a couple but their whole families. On a snowy Saturday in Northampton I was once again invited to take part in such an experience.

Aaron and Arpoo brought together their closest family and friends to celebrate their love in his mother's home. Candles lined the room and in turn each guest spoke about their wishes for the couple and anecdotes about the power of the relationship. The ceremony will sere as a prelude to a larger celebration in Georgia later this year.

Of course there are other things that happen behind the scenes, during a lull in the ceremony I crossed teh room to get a photo of teh couple from a different angle. I leaned back to get teh framing just so and felt a small heat against my back

I focused on the couple, and could smell burning polyester and cotton, my finger clicked on the shutter. I may have cuaght fire, I reached behind me and quickly swatted out the small circle of flames. Thankfully the only person that noticed initially ws the man standing behind me.

That's the mark of a professional. The cheap guy with the camera will try and make being on fire all about him, the professional will discreetly douse the flames and carry on (and if you want to pay $10k then they'll wear an asbestos shirt to avoid ignition altogether).