Changes Ahead

As I look upon one year in business there are a few changes ahead that I'm really looking forward to that I'd love to preview for you here.

5. Bringing out the Brag Books:

Can't wait to tell your coworkers and acquaintances about your great new spouse and your wonderful wedding but don't want to sit them down for a slide show or flip through your proofs? A brag book, 5x5 with a soft leather cover and simple, bold images will show off the highlights of your wedding without the hassle. These were once classed as parent albums, but no more because...

4. Full Parent Albums:

When I started parent albums were merely highlight reels from your special day, but as I ramp up album design and sales it's time to offer a full-fledged version. Parent albums will only be available with purchase of a main album, but will be offered a nice discount since all of the design work has already been done.

3. Online Proofing and Sales:

Thanks to I'm able to offer online proofing of all your images for your friends and family. They'll also be able to order any prints that they particularly enjoyed without having to bother you on your honeymoon. Prices are a little higher to accommodate shipping and handling charges, but there's an early bird discount window within a month of the event.

2. Keepsake Photo Boxes:

Turning your proof prints and DVD into more of a keepsake than purely practical item. Your box will be printed with an iconic image from yoru wedding and hold your memories on both proofs and a DVD. It's a great touch for the advanced, premium and deluxe wedding packages and something that will stand out on your shelf.

1. Unlimited Coverage:

This is a little longer term than the other changes, starting next season in addition to a la carte otpions you can have unlimited coverage for your special day (though more in the sense that your cell phone company gives you "unlimited" bandwidth). Coverage by the hour will also remain available for those that want great photography at a great rate.