A Way to Say Thanks

A wedding should be a once-in-a-lifetime event, which is why wedding photography is one of the rare businesses where we're a little sad to see repeat customers. To run a successful wedding business, you need to draw in new clients every year through advertising, bridal fairs, and referrals.

Happy couples are our best source of new clients. They see the wedding pictures, hear the glowing recommendations and just can't help but book. It's something that we here at Ryan Richardson Photography would like to encourage, to that end we're announcing a referral rewards program.

First, brides referred to us by previous wedding clients will receive $150 dollars off their wedding package. Not only do you look good for knowing a great wedding photographer, you're a hero for making the wedding planning that much easier. In addition to what you can give your friends, you'll also receive a $50 print credit for your next session with Ryan Richardson Photography (or you can use it like a gift certificate for someone you know).

In addition to these referral rewards, previous wedding clients can receive 50 percent off the session fee because even after the wedding is over there are plenty of reasons to step back in front of the lens.

While we'd like to let the work speak for itself, with these we're hoping to build a bright future for the company and our clients. If you have any ideas for building the business and increasing referrals, please leave a message in the comments.