April Fools: 'Til Divorce Do Us Part

For 2011, we're expanding our offerings once again with our "Broken Hearts & Broken Promises" packages to celebrate and commemorate your upcoming divorce. Whether it's marital infidelity, arguments about money or if you've just lost that loving feeling, it's time to realized that something beautiful died and join the growing number of Americans who are getting divorced.

While you're going through this painful, and often contentious process, Ryan Richardson Photography will be there to document the powerful emotions and important days in your life including the comical division of common marital property (chainsaw provided), awkward conversations with the kids and when your former partner sets the kitchen on fire while trying to make breakfast.

Divorce parties are also increasingly popular. We can help hook you up with a variety of vendors that offer parody divorce cakes and professional witches to put hexes on your exes. What better way to commemorate the pyre where you burn all of your photo albums, love letters and his favorite Human League records then to create a new photo album?

Remember, when you purchase one of our divorce pacakges, we're always on your side. Each package comes with a non-disclosure agreement, ensuring our confidentiality. Appearances at trial are subject to additional charges.

The "War of the Roses" Package: $10,000

Let us be there for the mometns that the passion of a lifetime turns into an inferno of hate. As bitter acrimony builds there are many important moments to document, that you won't want to forget (especially when court proceedings start).

  • 8 hours of coverage per day, with unlimited stills.
  • Digital copies of your files
  • Divorce Signing Ceremony Coverage
  • Divorce Party Coverage
  • I'll say mean things about your ex to make you feel better about your decision.
  • Keepsake album
  • Free glamour shots session for you new online dating profile.


The "Cheaters" Package: $15,000

Maybe you've got a prenuptial agreement and need out of it, or you just need that final piece of proof that he's a dog. The Cheaters package puts our wits against his libido, and trust us, we always win. After entrapping your husband in a series of twisted love games, we'll make sure you get every penny that's coming to you.

  • 12 hours of coverage per day, with unlimited stills.
  • Digital copies of your files
  • Elaborate sting operation where your man is lured into infidelity by one of our specially trained assistants (who is only being paid for her time). Guaranteed to break any prenuptial agreement (that has an infidelity clause).
  • 10 large prints mounted on foamcore for use during trial proceedings
  • Keepsake album (for the court and for your ex, that man slut)