The Fun of Photobooths

In ancient times, when wedding photographers were petty and cruel and receptions were plagued with suffering (the slides were electric and the tuxedos powder blue and polyester) as the photographer would roam about and shoehorn guests into awkward shots around the table. Often they were eating, sometimes they didn't know one another but it rarely comes across as more than a few people getting pushed to one side of the table to fit into a photo that's little more than an afterthought.

Sadly, dear reader, this tragedy continues even today as photographers try to capture the mood and memories of the guests while covering the rest of the wedding. There is a better way.

As with all dreams, the tale of the photo booth begins on Broadway when a Russian immigrant unveiled his marvelous contraption to the masses who were looking to get a commemorative photo with one of the many Cole Porter or George Gershwin impersonators that tramped along the Great White Way. That first automated booth cost a quarter (approximately $1,450 in 2011 dollars) and took ten minutes to turn out a tintype photograph. In spite of the cost and the wait, almost 300,000 people stepped into that photo booth in the first six months.

The idea took a little longer to catch on with wedding photographers than it did with the public, but products like the photobooth offer a way to capture the memories of everyone at your wedding without the need for awkward table shots. For the bride and groom there are plenty of options, traditional-style booths like you'd find at a carnival or (like that offered by Ryan Richardson Photograph) a miniature studio set up at your wedding.

Our mini-studio allows your guests to get together and express themslves in a more meaningful way. Rather than getting pooled together because of who fit at a certain table, guests can choose who they're photographed with to show different relationships and dynamics at their own pace during the cocktail hour and throughout the reception. Whether you're throwing a tradtional, elegant wedding or something more whimsical (in which case there could be silly props) our photobooth is a great way to create some great images.

Next week we'll be announcing photobooth packages that will be rolling out in the fall. Options will include a disc of images, a photo-guestbook, onsite printing and guest giftbags.