Your Engagement Session - Part 1: What's Your Story

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Engagement photos? Once thought a relic of a bygone age, engagement portraits have seen something of a renaissance in the past few years. Fueled in party by social media, engagements have become a must have in the build up to your wedding day.

Your engagement session with Ryan Richardson Photography is half ice-breaker (building a tower out of straws is optional), half modeling boot camp and half adventure. So how do you get ready for such an amazing experience?

What’s Your Story?

You can weigh a hundred different details when planning your engagement session. What will you wear? Where will we go? What will we do? Also, will you need to dragoon several friends into dressing up like regency gentry for your perfect Jane Austen-themed ball?

So what is the love story that you want to tell? Answering that question can make it a lot easier to get the rest of the details to fall into place. After all, if you’re an adventurous outdoorsy type there’s no need to slip into an evening gown for a trip to the bowling alley (that’s for the consciously quirky).

If a theme doesn't spring immediately to mind, brainstorm a few words that describe the two of you and pick two (or three) that most inspire you. Are you foodie hipsters, stylish sophisticates or eclectic artists? With your words in hand (or without them, no one has to know) we can move onto the next step: location.


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