Most Annoying Songs of 2013

Reception playlists are all alike; there are a few of the old classics that even grandma can dance to, whatever is racing up the top of the charts and a smattering of pieces in between. Sometimes it is a little more country and other times it is more rock and roll, but most Massachusetts wedding receptions in a season sound the same.

Unfortunately that means when there's one novelty hit you've been trying to avoid, once it appears at one wedding then it'll be at the next thirty and you'll be ready to just tear off your ears. So without further ado, the three songs from 2013 I wish DJs would drop from their playlists (forever).

3. Marry You - Bruno Mars

Sample Lyric - It's a beautiful night, We're looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.

It's not that it's awful (it is awfully saccharine) it's just too on the nose and was nearly ubiquitous after that little viral proposal hit the Web.

2. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

Sample Lyric - I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus  This is it, the apocalypse  Whoa

I suppose this came out in 2012, but it hit its stride this year and it's like someone got their Linkin Park in someone else's dubstep. Thankfully, this only popped up at a couple of weddings, unlike our first place winner...

1. The Fox - Ylvis

Sample Lyric: But there's one sound that no one knows...  WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?

I am a firm believer in the idea that art is not objective, and that it should be measured in large part by its own lights. Thus Pacific Rim is a terrible movie but it was a wonderful spectacle of robots fighting giant monsters (especially if you didn't think too hard about the plot, or why they weren't using that sword the whole time). By it's own lights, "The Fox" is a gem of a novelty song, written with a tongue firmly in cheek.

Of course, like any joke that gets repeated over and over again it quickly wears out its welcome.