The Winter Wasteland - Massachusetts Wedding Photography

A winter bridal session in MIddleboro, Massachusetts.

A winter bridal session in MIddleboro, Massachusetts.

There is something beguiling about how the world looks in winter, swaddled beneath a blanket of snow.  Blanketed in snow, the whole world disappears into this landscape of quiet elegance with all its detail and distraction blurred into smooth, rounded shapes. The world of winter in New England is a world made simple and simply beautiful. Winter weddings can be among the most enchanting events in Massachusetts, especially for a photographer.

Of course that's assuming you have snow on the ground on your wedding day.

Without that beautiful dress of snow, Massachusetts winters are dreary and gray. Without snow the world is stripped bare of that sense of playful innocence. Of course the weather in New England is always a gamble (as the 20' mound of snow I can see out my window illustrates), especially a year away from your wedding date.

Short of spending thousands of dollars on industrial snow making, how can you bring that wonder of winter in Massachusetts to your wedding?

1. Be prepared for everything to go wrong. Practical advice for any wedding, but it's especially true in the winter when weather like we've had recently can have you holed up for weeks. Consider event insurance, which will soften the blow of any weather cancellation and make it easier to plan your new date.

2. Be informed. Do your vendors have weather cancellation policies? What will your venue do if it loses power? If you wedding party is trapped in the party bus at the side of the road, will there be enough snacks to keep you from having to resort to cannibalism?

3. Lighting. Holiday lights can make for an attractive backdrop in any wedding photograph, and using them indoors along with other lighting treatments (and decor) can create a very dramatic effect that transforms a plain space into something ethereal.

4. Schedule a bridal photography session.

Your big day might not have had that beautiful blanket of snow, but you can still get some of those striking images by working with your wedding photographer on a snowy shoot. A bridal photography session offers a lot more flexibility for scheduling than a wedding and during the winter, photographers tend to have a lot more flexibility in their schedules to put a floating appointment on their books.

With these tips in hand (and your bridal session booked) there's no need to worry about your winter wedding photography.