And Baby Makes Three

October has been a month of rain and mud, one precocious one-year-old wouldn't want it any other way. At the Oliver Mills Park, he kept getting drawn to the water and the mud to splash and play (and get a little dirty) but that's little to sacrifice for a smile on a cold Saturday morning.

Family sessions with young children can sometimes be tough, like the weather in New England their moods can shift several shades in a span of moments. Capturing the right expression can take a little bit of patience, a lot of luck and sometimes just outright bribery. This time a little bit of mud and water helped to lighten the mood, but often we rely on tricks learned by a child's parents like songs and games to get the perfect reaction.

That isn't to say taht a smile is the be all, end all. Often other moods and emotions can be just as evocative, but they just usually don't sell as well.