Love in Somerville: Liza and Seneca

In spite of October's advance, the brilliant colors of Fall had only just started to show in the leaves around Somerville, MA. It was early in the morning and a chill was in the air as we staked out Nathan Tufts Park off of Broadway. Birches peeked out from the rest of the trees here and there and as we climbed the stone steps leading toward the old powder house, a few dogs and their owners were just leaving.

Liza and Seneca were game for a few embarrassing poses to get the day started (and sadly, you won't see the buddy-cop pose or the thumb war). For a lazy Saturday, they were in a good humor and game for their engagement session they found out about through the Knot. The chill was forgotten as we explored the park, mining it for posing possibilities and we came away with a great set, which is the natural result of working with such a great couple.

The wedding is planned for June of 2012.