Norwood Wedding: Alex and Amanda

Massachsuetts Wedding Photography, Borderlands State Park Bridals in Easton MAYou can tell a lot about a couple by the company they keep. If I didn't know what a great couple Alex and Amanda were when I met them the first few times, I did at their wedding rehearsal.

I slipped in the back of St. Catherine's in Norwood, Massachusetts a few days before the wedding. I heard quiet laughter and conversation as the wedding party and family members repeated the steps of the wedding processional again and again. They were such an open and welcoming group that it was easy to step in and feel like more than just a professional photographer but a special guest (albeit one that was getting paid).

Massachsuetts Wedding Photography, St. Catherine's in Norwood MAMassachsuetts Wedding Photography, Borderlands State Park in Easton BridalsMassachsuetts Wedding Photography, Borderlands State Park in Easton Bridals

The wedding itself was full of tender moments and a lot of fun. The day started early in Cumberland, Rhode Island as the bride and her bridesmaids got themselves ready for the day. The colors purple and white were strongly in evidence, even in the two planters that hung astride the front door.

It was the perfect June day for a wedding, but not even a downpour could have stopped the celebration. Combining the sweet and the sublime, Alex and Amanda invited family and friends to join them on the first step of their new journey. The ceremony was held at St. Catherine of Sienna in Norwood, MA with a reception at Highland Country Club in Attleboro, MA a community that sits between Providence and Boston. Between the two, we met with the bridal party (and their party bus) at the Borderlands Estate in Easton, MA.

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