Portraits in the Fall: Krista and Dan

It's always thrilling when people you know are getting married, you feel much more free to butt into things and make suggestions for centerpieces (or is that all just me?). Krista and Dan were engaged during a trip to Turkey, and told me their plans during another friend's wedding over the summer (though with the ring Krista was suddenly sporting, you didn't have to be Hercules Poirot to deduce the big news). A few short months later we got together at Bird Park in Walpole, MA for their engagement session.

It was a chance to get loose, chase away some geese and crunch through the leaves. The park rambles around, with open fields and forest paths, and we took advantage of as much as we could on that gorgeous autumn day. As per usual I was bold and daring to get the right shots, braving hordes of geese, sticky mud and precarious perches for the couple. Of course, they were game too and a lot of fun to work with.

Kirsta and Dan plan to marry next August in Spencer, MA.