Rockport Wedding: Ryan and Caitlin

It was only forty-five minutes ahead of the wedding, but the groomsmen were diving into the pool at the Rockport Inn & Suites. Ryan was probably one of the least tense grooms I've had working as a Massachusetts wedding photographer, taking everything in stride as his friends - both old and new - slipped out of the pool and tried to figure out how to work an iron (a responsibility they ultimately placed on the groom's mother who wasn't lucky enough to hide).

Ryan and Caitlin's wedding was a perfect reflection of themselves, an eclectic mix of the creative, the sentimental and the stylish.  Held in late May at the Rockport Art Association, they brought together family and friends to celebrate the new step they were taking in their relationship.

The Rockport Art Association offered a fresh take on hosting a wedding from a country club or more traditional event space. First, Rockport is a community north of Boston already know for it's seaside charm and wealth of artists so it's just a short stroll in either direction for a variety of different locations. The space itself is filled with beautiful artwork and sculpture (and even a couple of stranger pieces), making it a little easier to dress up your special day. It also offers several different spaces including an outdoor patio covered in fairy lights for cocktails, a high-ceilinged reception hall and a more intimate room for ceremonies. All of this with a beautiful style that combines historic New England with the gallery space.

The wedding also combined the best of what Massachusetts and the North Shore have to offer, with a chance to stand against beautiful seaside vistas as well as some of the quaint small-town charm of winding roads and historic buildings full of color and character. Also, there was a gang of pirates.