5 Things Your Photographer Must Know About Your Wedding

Last week we looked at what brides should be asking their photographers, so this week we're turning the tables. While at their heart, most weddings are the same, each couple has their own spin on the traditions that come together and make their celebration so special. With that in mind, your photographer needs to know a few things headed into your wedding in order to provide the best coverage of this important milestone.
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Let Them Eat Cake

The wedding cake is often the zenith of our pastry experience. Birthday cakes come and go, but it's not often in our lives that we lavish so much attention and thought into one confection. Whether a cake is modern and elegant, Rococo or fuly of whimsy, a great wedding cake will leave a lasting impression on your wedding day.

In fairness, I might be biased (sometimes I like to think of myself as a professional cake-eater who takes pictures, rather than a wedding photographer). Still, the wedding cake stands tall amidst our wedding traditions in New England even as others wax and wane with fashions. A wedding cake also looks amazing nestled amidst a wedding a album, a tower and edible work of art amidst the thousand other details that make up a wedding.

So how do you get the most out of your wedding cake?

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