Wedding Vendors Initiative

Ryan Richardson Photography is looking for the top wedding vendors in New England to help create a new web-series that will help brides navigate with labyrinth of wedding planning. Our hope is to create videos that will engage brides and help other vendors build on their social media and marketing strategies by helping to position them as experts in the wedding industry. It will also give us a little more to do with our blog and YouTube channel than just share beautiful wedding slideshows (which don't have a lot of viral appeal).

Our current plan is for two video formats:

  1. "I Do's and Don'ts" - Short form videos typically focused on one topic (or a few related topics) from an expert. This can be as simple as letting brides know the best time to order their wedding cake to something a little more esoteric like Victorian flower codes. With these videos your business can display a deep passion and wealth of knowledge about your work, which will encourage brides to turn to your business for their special day. These videos can also work well alongside a blog post that goes into more depth and builds SEO.
  2. Business Trailers - These videos will showcase the best side of your business, letting you communicate your message to brides. These can also be a short documentary to show off the personal side of your business and establish a rapport with brides before they even walk through your door.

In the future we'd like to expand this to include a regular podcast or panel series that will discuss wedding trends, news, advice and vendors (but that's a story for a different day).

Granted this is only a pilot project, but we're hoping to make this an easy and collaborative process. We'll work together generating topics and scripts for several segments, and then we'll schedule your shoot. During the shoot we'll be getting b-roll and marketing stills as well as the single camera interviews. After that, most of your work is over as we'll go back to our caves and splice together all of that footage to create a set of fantastic videos. You'll get a chance to review everything before it's put up and see if we need to do any additional edits or re-shoots.

So let's get started...

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