What's in Your Package?

For the new year I've taken a good hard look at my price sheet, and while there are still things that I'd like to change I think that most of those can wait through 2011. The biggest changes come with what you now get with your wedding photography package.

Initially all clients would receive a DVD with a creative commons release allowing them to print and share their files non-commercially. This has worked very well for me and very well for my clients and we'll be continuing that tradition in the new year with some modifications.

First, all delivered files will receive the appropriate amount of attention and artistic enhancement so every image is as vivid as your remember. This is a change from earlier practice where I would select a few highlight images from the wedding based on the package and what might be used in an album. I think this adds a lot more value for you the client (also I'm a lot faster with Photoshop then I used to be).

Second, all files delivered for Web use will be subtly watermarked. This is purely selfish on my part and the hi-resolution copies of the files will be delivered without need for alteration when you go to print them. I just want to remind people that they can also get their own beautiful photos. The resolution of print-quality files will be suitable for printing up to 8x12 (ideal for 4x6, for sizes larger than that I would really recommend going through me to ensure sharpness and the use of quality papers, inks and coatings to ensure long life for your memories).

Next each package comes with a spiral-bound proof book of your delivered images.

You'll also notice that several packages now have print credits. I've picked out a printer that works well for me and I'm hoping to use them as much as possible. Print credits can be used toward anything from giant canvases to albums to boxes full of 4x6s that you keep in your desk and break out on special occasions.

Next week I'll be discussing more about your print options, including the discount window and pricing tiers.